The New Year is Here

The new year has finally arrived. 2017 is now breathing and live. With so many things going on in the real world, it may be tough to sit down and reflect on your life. Taking the time to meet with friends, family, other loved ones will help tremendously important when it comes to dealing with stress.


Like every new year that starts, having the confidence, relaxation, and ease of mind to walk yourself through problems will separate yourself among-st everyone else. Take the time to sit back and relax; with so much stress circulating in the modern world today, having the time to detach from the chaotic days will pay off.

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What are you Doing for Peace?

The world seems to get more hectic daily. With the growth of communication of a vast number of networks, people are able to communicate with one another around the world very easily. We are now able to hear about news events going on around the world through our various social networks.

So with all of these news, what are the readers doing to make a change? Let us know how you contribute to changing the world and pushing towards peaceful movements. Continue reading “What are you Doing for Peace?”

Crying Day Care Choir’s Home

Coming from Sweden, Crying Day Care Choir has had the chance to travel to many nearby countries in Europe spreading the love. Knowing how they value their Swedish pride, but think of themselves as one with humans, I hope their messages starts to resonate in Europe. So much tension is going on in Europe, and in particular Sweden. Migrants from other countries have moved into many European countries, and a lot of violence, racism, hate has been causing uproars around the world. With so much unease going on in the world, now would be a perfect time for others to hear the music from Crying Day Care Choir, and start to please preach the message for peace. Share the band, watch their videos, talk to your friends about the band, lets get them viral and peace to overcome humanity once and for all.

First Time Showing Crying Day Care Choir to Someone

Hey guys, so about 4 months ago, during Xmas time, after keeping Crying Day Care Choir one of my secret bands that I listen to on my own, I decided to share it finally.

I come from the central part from Victoria, British Colombia. Western part of Canada. But I now live in Seattle, which is a short hop and skip away from my hometown. One of my two closest friends, we’ll call her Sally, still lives in Victoria with her parents. My other best friend, Kyra, lives in the north bay area of California where she helps runs her business, Carpet Cleaning Petaluma. So since I’m close to home, Sallysays we should drive together to meet up with Kyra, and I haven’t been on a road trip for that amount of distance, so obviously I am absolutely excited! Continue reading “First Time Showing Crying Day Care Choir to Someone”

My experience at a Show

My first vacation to Sweden was full of boisterous moments the whole week long visit, but no moment was more fulfilling the satisfying tune of the folk music show Crying Day Care Choir put on that week. I still remember the date, it was April 13, 2013 in Stockholm. Before even understanding what the songs were amount, there was something that overcame me when I started to indulge in the tune of the music. I started to just feel happy thoughts hearing the sound of the guitars, and the pitch of their voices. But as I began really trying to identify the meaning of their music, that is when I fell in love. Continue reading “My experience at a Show”

To the Loves of Our Lives

Love is such a hard thing to figure.

Some of us get so caught up in the feelings and go with the flow instead of actually thinking about what these feelings mean. It is hard for someone so caught up in the emotional state of love, it is hard to objectively figure out what is going on. From on outside view of a relationship, or using hindsight, it is usually much simpler to acknowledge why a love falls apart. But the emotions take longer to subside.

For those of us that have once loved, currently in love, or longing for love, the music that Crying Day Care Choir sings about. Their newest single in particular, All We Used To Be really speaks this message to me possibly more than any of there other recent songs to date.  Continue reading “To the Loves of Our Lives”

Upcoming dates

Hey guys, I was just checking out the Crying Day Care Choir Facebook Page and I wanted to update you guys on their tour dates. For those of you specifically in Italy, or will be in the coming months, they will be touring every day fir the next 11 days, do don’t miss out!!!!!

Here are the next 11 dates per the official Crying Day Care Choir Facebook page:

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Vibe with us 3 Times

Hey everyone, hope your weekend was folking! I know mine sure was!

I spent parts of the weekend listening to every song that Crying Day Care Choir put out on Spotify If you guys haven’t had the chance to hear all of Crying Day Care Choir’s music, I highly recommend going to Spotify and setting up an account, and get to listening! I have taken the link from spotify, visit the link and enjoy everyone :) –

For those of you new to Crying Day Care Choir, or perhaps new to the folk genre in general, you are in for a treat! After listening this weekend I have decided to compile a list of my 15 favorite Crying Day Care Choir songs for you guys to start with! Without further adieu, the list follows: Continue reading “Vibe with us 3 Times”

Vibe with us Two Times

Crying Day Care choir is a passionate group of individuals who feel they can slowly but surely make a small change in the world one step at a time. With their Folk Jams, they are putting a new sound to the Folkers. This ain’t no banjo strumming group of yodelers, those days have long passed! lol

I’m just a Crying Day Care choir fan and lover who wants to promote their sound. I think this kind of music can be beneficial to mankind.

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